It is very cool to have a unique quote pop into our heads and have a place to post it and share it with our friends. It is very cool to have a place where we can post a great article that inspires us. It is very cool to post a funny video that makes our friends laugh when they are having a bad day. But it is not cool to post every article that we read, every picture we took, every recipe we cooked, every video that we see! If you do like to post a lot of information please spread it out throughout the day. I hear people talking about this subject all of the time. When people click on their Facebook page, they see 10 posts in a row from the same person. Maybe they need to have more friends. But I hear this complaint from some of my friends that have a lot of friends. And it is not always the same person. Some people just get on a roll and post everything in their brain at that moment. I think we need to take a breath,  take a yoga class, cut the coffee and go for a walk outside!

I think it is Facebook’s fault. We are definitely hooked! Some people have programs that will automatically post their workout schedule. Do we really need to know exactly how many miles you went on a certain machine? You can have Foursquare post to Twitter and Facebook when you check-in – but should you? Facebook has over 400 million active users and 50% of the active users log in every day! Sometimes I think that number is wrong, but then I can’t remember a day when I did not login.

Facebook does have an option where you can hide people. You can just hover your mouse over a post and see the option.  I have definitely hid all the Farm-ville type games and such. It makes my Facebook viewing experience much better. You can also put your friends in lists and view that list instead of the default stream.

I am not writing this to single anyone out! We are all guilty at times.

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