If you cannot get into Twitter – Hootsuite just might change your mind!So many people say “I do not get Twitter. Why do I care what someone had for lunch?” Once you get to know Twitter, it is so much more than that. When I first started using Twitter (in 2008) I must admit, I did not get it either. It was just a big stream of posts flying by. The tool that changed my life was Tweetdeck! So you are probably thinking, then why is this an article about Hootsuite? Well Tweetdeck was the first social media tool that tamed the Twitter stream, but they have been over shadowed by the tool Hootsuite. So I am not going to take the time here to go over the features and benefits of both. But I will say that there are two reasons I like Hootsuite better.

  1. Hootsuite will post to your Facebook fan page wall an include a picture from the post
  2. Hootsuite makes it easier to see how many people clicked on your link

Those are two BIG reasons in my book. I want to see which articles are getting more attention and the picture from the post stands out and draws in more attention.

So here are some ways that I use Hootsuite.

  1. Don’t fill up the Twitter stream with 10 posts in a row, schedule them out through-out the day!
  2. Post to your LinkedIn account and the same time as your Twitter account.
  3. Track your tweets. See how many people actually clicked on the link to the article.
  4. Track keywords in a column. See what people are saying about your brand or your industry all over the world “right now!”
  5. Put the Tweeters that you like in list that you can save in a column.
  6. Automatically post from a news feed.
  7. Very easily see your Facebook wall, Twitter wall and LinkedIn wall in one place.
  8. Easily see mentions, direct messages, scheduled messages, and sent tweets.
  9. Easily find interesting people and follow them back.
  10. Easily unfollow trolls that post too often and break all of the twitter rules.

There are other things that you can do with Hootsuite, but these are my favorite! What are your favorite Hootsuite tips?

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