The first series in the Social Media Meatloaf Surprise is How to Use Social Media to Find a Job. It includes four FREE webinars going through how to use the social networking tools: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube and Blogging to find a job.

These webinars (4 in total) run about an hour each.

How to Use Twitter for Job Search. 

Twitter is a great tool to connect with people and do research. But not everyone knows how to use Twitter. This webinar will go through the process of setting up a Twitter account and show many components of Twitter and how to use them. Once this has been explained, then the webinar shows what to do with Twitter and Twitter tools like Hootsuite to find a job.

Access Twitter for Job Search FREE Webinar here.


How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

LinkedIn has many tools to assist job seekers. Many companies will post jobs on LinkedIn before they post on other job related websites. But it is important to beef up your profile and connections to look like an ideal candidate. This webinar goes through the steps of how to use LinkedIn with the goal to find a job. Whether you are out of work, or looking for something better, this webinar will help you learn more about LinkedIn.

Access LinkedIn for Job Search FREE Webinar here.


How to Use Facebook for Job Search

Did you know that having a Facebook account can help you find a job? I will talk about why you should use Facebook to find a job, I will go through the steps of setting up a Facebook Professional page and how to create an ad to promote you! I will also talk about what to post on Facebook, and what potential employers are looking for!

Access Facebook for Job Search FREE Webinar here


How to use YouTube and Blogging for Job Search

This webinar will show you how to make a YouTube video to find a job. I will also discuss blogging and how it can fit into your job search toolbox.

 Access YouTube and Blogging for Job Search



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