We have been concerned with the search engines finding our websites for a long time. But no matter what the best search engine is today, or how people are searching or what social media accounts are used today, content is the best way to get found in the search engines.

Now this does not mean that we should pour tons of content out there with yucky messages. We should put out content that people want to read! If you are not a good writer, find one, or ask me I know many talented writers. What you say is very important! Keep it short, informative, with bullets, pictures, and leave them wanting more! Because not only is it important to have people find us, but we also want them coming back.

When people ask me what is the best way to get found in the search engines, I say content.  So I thought I would write about what you can do with a well written article. If you go to the trouble of writing something good, make it work for you in many ways.

In the graphic that you see on this page, I am showing 8 steps to getting your content out. The social networking accounts I am using in this example are: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest. But depending on your industry, you might have a different list.

  • The first step (after you have your fantastic article) would be to put the article on your website, or blog. Only put your entire article in one place on the internet (Google does not like duplicate content). You can link to it in many places as you will see, but only put the entire piece out there once. If you have the blogging type capability of “tagging” it and/or assigning it to categories, please do so.
  • The second step  is using it in your email newsletter. I recommend using Constant Contact because it is easy to use, integrates with social media and has fabulous tracking capabilities. Do not put your entire article in the newsletter, just give them a taste of it, and provide a link to your website/blog where the article should reside. Plan on sending out your newsletter on a regular basis and include summaries and links to all of the articles that you have sent out during that time. So if you provide a monthly newsletter, and write a new article weekly, then you will have one newsletter with four summaries of your articles. Having links to the articles in your newsletter, will generate more traffic to your website.




  • Post the article out on LinkedIn. If you belong in a group, post it to your group if they allow this. If you article is more informative and not a pitch about your company, your article will be more receptive. Or start your own group and post it there.



  • Twitter loves your article too. So post it out to your Twitter account. Try to use #hashtags that your industry uses to gain more attention.




  • Post your article on your Facebook Business Fan Page. Do not post it on your personal Facebook page unless your friends are real supportive of you. You do not want a jealous step-brother jokingly posting a negative comment. Hootsuite can make it easier for your you to post to multiple places.




  • Google Plus is still uncharted territory. Some are using it, and it is owned by Google so, we can’t ignore it.




  • Pinterest should be considered, if your target audience is women or your products/services are very visual (for example a travel company). You could post the picture from your article and link to your article.



  • Dust off your webcamera, or your flip camera (something that makes it easy to upload to YouTube), and post a quick video about your article. When you create your YouTube channel (also owned by Google) you can tag it with keywords and link to your website. These videos get found in the search engines too.



  •  There are other ways to use your content and your social networking accounts. But it depends on your industry. And I am not going to give out all of my secrets!

So what have you done with all of these postings? You now have links out there pointing to your website! These are links that can be used for people to find you. Remember, with social media, it is all about the connections.


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