You might ask, How can Angry Birds help my business?

Think of the different birds that you have in your arsenal: little blue birds, yellow birds, big fat red birds, etc… They are your tools for the game. And in real life we have tools also: charm, flexibility, leadership, tact, listening, etc…

In Angry Birds we have different barricades: some are glass, metal, wood, etc… In life we have many barricades as well. And we use our skills to blast past them. We might use tact to encourage a client to pay their bill, we might use charm to get an appointment, or we might use our listening skills to figure out how to assist a business with their barricades.

Some of my friends play Angry Birds when they have writer’s block, or are unable to figure out how to fix something. By taking a BRIEF Angry Birds break (only if you are allowed) you may come away with the answer or at least a different perspective!

But the most important lesson that I have learned from Angry Birds is to keep trying! And if you do not succeed, try a different tactic. Come at it from a different direction!


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