I guess I always have been a morning person. When I was going to school, I got up early so I could get that last minute studying done. When I started working, I got up early to beat the morning rush hour traffic. This also helped in beating the afternoon traffic jams.

Now that I have settled down in running a home business, I find that being a morning person helps me get a jump start on the day. I’m able to take that morning run to help me determine how to plan the day. I can figure out how I’m going to meet with my clients, get out my daily postings and get my normal work done. I don’t feel like I’m missing someone’s call or not responding to someone’s email.

Once I’ve planned out my day, I can sit back with my morning coffee and start answering those emails from yesterday that I never had time to do. Maybe in between those emails I can even read some news of who is doing what in the world. I have the quiet time to write-up those proposals for new business. I can concentrate on fixing some error that I’ve been racking my brain on for the last few days. Who knows I even maybe able to send out an invoice or two.

And now as the morning minutes are winding down, I need to make sure that everything I wanted to get done this morning is either done or will be done later this morning. With only so many hours in the day, I know that I will probably get delayed or sidetracked by some problem or someone. A planned luncheon or meeting that was scheduled for an hour may go to two hours. By having this little bit of extra time in the morning to get some things done, I will be prepared for the phone and emails to start rolling in at dawn.

Maybe I can still get just one more cup of coffee this morning before everything busts loose!

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