My morning is just beginning and I’m all ready to start the day. I need to figure out who I’m meeting with today. What projects or emails do I need to get going with right away?

We’ve all been there – but what do we need to keep ourselves on target? I’ve made a list of some things that I have used to keep me on track:

  1. spreadsheets
  2. post-it notes
  3. calendar
  4. phone apps
  5. secretary
  6. whiteboard

Some of these items are better than others, but whose to say what we should use in our everyday life.

With this type of worksheet (Excel, OpenOffice Calc), I can handle all my tasks. I can create graphs and formulas if I need too. With a quick look, I can see where my priorities are for the day. The one big issue I see is the learning curve to use a specific spreadsheet.

Post-it Notes
With this product, I can easily color code my priorities, ie red- urgent, yellow – medium, green – filler tasks. One problem I always seem to have is my board/wall is never large enough.   I also seem to keep changing priority on my task which means I have to keep rewriting the task using a different color.

With a calendar I never have the problem of knowing when my luncheon is scheduled or when is my meeting. I do have a problem if I’m using a calendar on my wall at home. Some days are never large enough to fit in all my appointments. If I use my laptop calendar (Google Calendar, Calendar Planner) I don’t seem to have the same problem. I can easily mark off a time slot for my meetings.

Phone Apps
These little items (Evernote, TeamWeek) on my phone are great. I never seem to have a problem of knowing what I’m doing today or whom I’m meeting with. I can keep my priorities straight and all at the touch of a button no matter where I’m at – home or office.This does pose a problem when I forget to charge my device.

Well what can be said about a secretary. They keep you on schedule, remind you of your appointments for the day and take your messages. Let’s not forget about sending out your emails to keep your business running. The biggest problem I have with the secretary is being able to pay their salary. When your business is small and up-in-coming, you become the secretary and I cannot even compete with the skills of a secretary.

I love the whiteboard. I can create fantastic charts for all my tasks. Using various colored markers, my board begins to look like a christmas tree. My biggest drawback of the white board is I have to keep erasing my doodling.

The most important thing to remember is find out what works for you! Anyone of these products will work, but each case is different. Just don’t be late for your meeting or deadline by not using any product at all.

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