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Recorded May 26th

By Julie D’Aloiso

I talked with Robert Wright from Spectrum Business. Robert has been working in the Telecom industry for 15 years. He helps businesses work more efficient with phone systems and fast internet.

Be a resource for businesses.
Don’t rush the sale.
Create power groups. Who works well with your business?
Think about how you can help a business – try not to be transactional oriented. Go for the business relationship not just be in it for the leads. When you are talking to other businesses, think about how you can help them.

New customer special: Free installation and 1st month free! This would be for businesses coming from a competitor or a new business.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce  РLaura Sparano 330-998-1686

Fallon Petro ADT – 216-409-1630

Business Friends of NordoniaHills.News¬† – New Facebook Group…

Robert Wright Spectrum Business – 216-835-0991