Scan with a QR Code reader or Google Goggles on your cell phone.

It is very important to track your marketing results.

What are some good methods for tracking your return on investment?

If you use Mobile Media Marketing, you can mention a keyword and people can opt-in to receive more info. When they do this they will receive a text with a message from you. They have now opt-ed into your text messaging system (they do have a option to opt-out) and you can send them to a link or give them a discount that is displayed right on your phone. If you would like to see it in action text the word “spidercat” to 90210.

If you use QR Codes (the black white funny looking image on the right of this page) you can see how many people scan it! Not sure how? Call me to find out!

Email newsletter – If you use Constant Contact, there are stats that show you open rates, what links were clicked and by whom.

Facebook – If you have a Facebook Fan Page you can receive info about how many women access your page, how many men, how many likes you get and how many active viewers you have. You can take it to the next level and set up a Facebook ad and test different levels of interest in your products or services in certain cities.

Twitter – Once you have a Twitter account for your business you can track how many people follow you, retweet (share) your links and how many people are interacting with you.

Blog – How many subscribers do you have? How many readers? How many people have linked to your article? We can track it!

When thinking about ROI, it is not always about selling more widgets, or serving more customers, it is about developing relationships with people. People that you normally would not meet at a COSE meeting or blogger meeting. Social networking gives you the ability to reach people across the country in an instant. And the beauty of it is that it is TRACKABLE!

There are many more ways to track your marketing efforts! But you probably would rather talk to me about it! So call me, Julie D’Aloiso and we can discuss how I can help you get a high Return On Investment 216-534-7467!