Website Construction

1.  Establish Goals. What is the purpose of the website? Here are some potential goals.

1. Provide information
2. Entice visitors to call
3. Entice visitors to fill out an online form
4. Gain email addresses for a newsletter

2. Discuss Social Media Marketing Plan and your companies Social Media Policy

3. Prepare Competitor Analysis

1. Take a look at the competition
2. See what they are doing and do it better

4. Discuss what pages are needed

5. Construct site plan. It will help you see how your website is organized.

6. Conduct Keyword Analysis.  With the site plan laid out, keyword analysis can be performed. This will be used to build a master keyword list.

7. Determine Elements.  For example:

1. Video?
2. Flash animation?
3. Online forms?
4. Photo Galleries?
5. Password protected sections?

8. Discuss ideas for design

1. Use design elements of other marketing materials to help promote the brand
2. Discuss the look and feel of the website
3. Discuss navigation keeping in mind ease of use

9. Prepare Content. Using the site plan the, pages can be written for each page keeping in mind the master keyword list.  This will generate a more detailed list of keywords for this page and help write the unique title and description for the page. Some cross linking should be built in so that there are some links in the body of the pages linking to each other.


1. After design approval, the home page design can be started (using the goals and the site plan).
2. Once the home page is approved, the sub page design can be started.
3. Once the copy and the designs are approved the actual pages can be constructed. During this step, as the pages are constructed, they should be tested on different browsers. After a few pages are constructed the client should approve these before all pages are completed.
4. Once everything is all put together, the pages and the forms should be tested. The client gives the final “go” and the website goes live.


* Implement the Social Media Marketing Plan
* Track visitors and conversions

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